I'm a bit disappointed~

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I'm a bit disappointed~

Post by rae_yna on Thu Sep 10, 2009 11:48 am

well~ actually i'm sorry if i'm not even showing even a bit of my shadow in here~ but i'm actually trying my best to do so like now~ and even in the radioshow~ i'm trying my best to post something interesting but i always fail~ *don't worry i just tried altering NYC into something that sounds like girls sings it but i failed because of the cite boy named Chinen* anyways~ i'm sure everyone is curious why all of the sudden this girl named Nami disappeared for a couple of days and didn't even left a note~ actually i did~ i also informed everyone about it already and if no one noticed it~ it is in Ashley or Mikaila's post called "Hi Guys" (here's the link~ my comment there~ http://hsjump.msnyou.com/announcement-f1/hi-guys-t1006.htm) ~ i didn't mean to be disappointed or something~ but really now i'm really do~ i tried my best not to but it burst out instantly~

i'm very patient really~ and willing to wait like forever~ and ever~ but i don't know what got into me and become this somehow rigid and cold~

i'm really trying my best to finish everything up~

the fictions i make~

actually i'm really anticipated to finish devil or angel~
and i'm actually making seasonal love something really new~ since i notice some parts i thought as a good plot is just a recycle of my old stories which is really not nice to do and will be boring to read~ am i wrong or right?
i've been doing individual fictions recently as well~
cold summer is just too hard to end that i can't even think properly while i'm doing it~
kisses have some plots on it already and i'm actually starting it~
the other stories of book2 of ten stories (three are left) i'm doing my best to do it~

now let me tell everyone what makes it hard for me to finish everything~
first of all i'm a student ~ a pressured one since i need to finish everything up~ *i won;t list down the tasks but i'll give an example~ try recording the activities done by the class be pressured for a day to finish it and the number of students is 112~*
i have cross classes *i took this up to fill up my vacant but i never thought it be a big problem in the end*
i'm away from my house~ i'm pressured with expenses i didn't expect~
*asking me where i am? i'm in hiroshima guys~ far from shizuoka and tokyo~ no internet connection~ conducting a research with greedy and lazy mates~* *i know it's just a shinkansen away but mind you guys~ i'm broke and i don't have enough money for such luxury*

why am i disappointed~ why is the forum become spiritless~ i know the mods are not around but i'm sure they are still checking on us~

the fictions~

i thought i will read at least two with the days i've been gone~

i'm not bashing or flaming i'm just showing how disappointed i am~

i'm selfish yes~

but i don't want to~

it rarely comes~

sorry guys~ but i think i will post my fictions again the time i feel like it~ at first i thought i'm obliged to post but now i feel like~ no need to post~

i know this is disappointing to your parts as well but i can't help it~ this is me if i'm disappointed and really out of the circle or being friendly~

report me or anything~ i can't do anything about it~

ban me or kick me out~


i feel so down and gloomy and at the same time disappointed~

*i'm hungry too*

see you guys if i ever log in again for this month or even next month~

i don't know what to do now~

ja~ drunken

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Re: I'm a bit disappointed~

Post by iarmella on Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:40 pm

i had my exams nami...you know that...even in LJ i was out...hope you ever get better

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Re: I'm a bit disappointed~

Post by musicxtensai on Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:39 pm

nyaa~ hope you get your spirits up again~ ^-^
yeah, the forum has been quite inactive for some time.. maybe it's because of school or something... :P But at least some still take time to visit the groupie~ ^-^

always keep smiling nyaan!


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Re: I'm a bit disappointed~

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