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Post by rae_yna on Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:13 pm

i'm talking to my father last night and he said how wacky my schedule is~ but that's not the topic~ as i say the news is~ i asked my father if he could pay up for the connection for internet and he said he'll think about it~ SINCE i'm spending my night to school just to be in internet~ how can anyone live without it nowadays? right? guys~ we're in 2009! and in mere future there will be flying cars!! also (flying HSJ)~ damn~ *gomen na na na na ai janai~ babe~* damn song of NYC boys~ damn yamada biting his lower lip making him look sexy to the fullest and chinen looking so adorable~ oh i was driven away~ okay~ taht's it~ let's wait for fathers agreement okay?? okay?? if you see me online everyday that means his answer became yes~ nyahahaaa~ i said i'll be out for two weeks but i'm, here because i skipped class again~ nyaha~ don't follow my footsteps~ i'm a lazy student~ but never had an experience of failing~ ja ne minna~

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