Nami is dying~

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Nami is dying~

Post by rae_yna on Thu Aug 06, 2009 1:55 pm

ahahahaha~ yeah i'm dying to finish all my fiction~ and amanda~ i'm finished with it~ i'll just send the file to you on saturday fro you to edit or change~ hahahaha~ two days not sleeping well~ today is not a good day as well~ can't sleep properly~

yesh~ dark jewels is nearing it's end~ finally~ but i'll post every chapters along one by one~ i want to check on something~

~stolen diary part 1 is finally done partially red knot is a hanged up and abandoned part since~ i can't seem to like sora and riku anymore~ i just feel like~ okay you're done now~

devil or angel is too precious to waste~ i don't want to rush every bit of it since it's something really nice

what was the fourth fiction i'm working on~ hmmmm~ ah~ nothing~ it's done as well~

what else~ hell~ i'm being flooded with random ideas for fictions~

what else~ yeah~ too tired for not sleeping well and i'm totally hungry~ not eating properly as well~ you know what the incident that happened to me~ haaa~

anything else~

oh keito you baby elephant~ hyakushiki is really funny and damn orthos no inu~ hikaru is soooo cool~ yuma-chan is soooooo cooolllll in koishite akuma~ hehehhee~ the only reason i kept on surviving my hell~ JE boys~ like a life supply~

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